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In 1971, President Nixon started the War on Drugs, which has become a war on people with mass incarcerations of low level users. Megan was one of the 80% who was incarcerated as a consequence of her brain disease of addiction. I have become an advocate for treatment for those who are facing drug charges and long sentences, along with revocations for relapsing.


Megan was sentenced to wait 9 months for inpatient treatment and instead allowed GPS monitoring/Huber privileges that exposed her to her drug abusing friends which is a trigger for relapsing. My insurance company would have paid for the inpatient treatment, but the Court indicated the time for treatment was when she was a teen. Four months into Megan’s sentence of 4 years probation and 36-month stayed prison sentence, she relapsed, overdosed and died.


Beware there is a law WI State Stat 961.475 that allows for treatment vs incarceration after a felony drug conviction. Many DAs, attorneys and judges are unaware of the law.

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